First Civil Rights Trail App Now Available on iTunes

Image of bus used in Civil Rights protests

One of the buses used by Civil Rights activists

Visitors and students wanting to learn more about Alabama’s Civil Rights Trail now have a new mobile tool at their fingertips to help guide them along the sites and attractions. The app contains more then 150 listings for attractions, hidden gems, historic sites and places to eat and stay along the way.

Visitors and students can now experience the Civil Rights Movement with the first mobile app on the topic. Alabama’s Civil Rights Trail app is a handy tool to help guide users along the sites and attractions. The app is also a great tool for students studying the Civil Rights Movement or for visitors wishing to experience the trail first-hand. The guide also includes suggestions for places to eat and places to stay along the way.

“My favorite thing about this well-organized guide is that it will make you want to go to these places, learn more about this important time in Alabama (and American) history. A great intro to civil rights history for parents who want their kids to get engaged in the subject,” wrote travel writer Margaret Littman.

The Alabama Civil Rights Trail app is available via iPhone, iPod touch and the iPad. It includes more than 150 entries and more than 500 photos. It is meant to provide an overview of the sites, attractions and history of the civil rights story in Alabama from Scottsboro to Mobile. The entries range from the listing about the history of the Clotilde, the last ship to carry Africans intended for slavery in the U.S., to the modern day movement of the Voting Rights March, Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Freedom Riders. Entries can be sorted by topics such as hidden gems, historic markers, hitting the highlights and quick stops. Some 14 Alabama cities and towns are included in the app.

“What a wonderful resource for those who want to learn more about the Civil Rights Movement, make a few pit stops while travelling or just eat their way along the trail,” wrote Erin Z. Bass, DeepSouth Magazine.

Edith Parten is the Communication Manager at the Alabama Tourism Department and she created the app with Sutro Media as a personal project. Parten said the app would be a great learning tool for students studying the Civil Rights Movement.

“While researching the history of Alabama’s black heritage and the Civil Rights Movement I discovered many new places that I had not known about so it was very exciting to work on this project,” said Parten. “I designed the app to whet the appetite so those who read it will want to visit Alabama to learn more.”

The app can be downloaded from iTunes, and availability on other mobile devices is also planned for later this year. Parten plans to donate a portion of the proceeds to benefit projects for the smaller civil rights attractions in the state.

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