New York City Ghost Bike

In Greece, roadside memorials to accident victimstake the form of miniature churches, which tend to be adorned with candles, animage of the deceased, and other small mementos. In Australia, roadsidememorials to accident victims have also been commonplace over the past 20 yearsor so, although these tend to be small and generally unobtrusive – often nomore than bunches of flowers tied to a lamp post or left on the verge of ahighway where an accident took place.

I don’t know if ‘Ghost Bikes’, as they are called, areunique to New York City, but sadly more and more of these distinctive roadsidememorials are being set up at the site of fatal collisions between bike ridersand motor vehicles.

I discovered the ghost bike pictured here while walkingthrough the Brooklyn suburb of Greenpoint during my 2008 visit to New YorkCity. Unfortunately, I didn’t make a note of exactly where the bike waslocated, but I often wonder if it is still there.

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About Jim Lesses

Jim Lesses is a semi-retired Australian musician, blogger and photographer trying to live up to his personal motto: Love The Life You Live, by travelling on extended journeys as often and for as long as he can. As a solo traveller, Jim has taken himself on two round the world trips since 2008, and is planning his next journey for 2012.
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2 Responses to New York City Ghost Bike

  1. avatar Jim Lesses says:

    Thanks Jan, hopefully there aren't too many of these around – after all they do mark the sites of fatal accidents, so the more ghost bikes you see the more fatal accidents have taken place.

    Enjoy New York 🙂

  2. avatar Jan Ross says:

    Interesting! We are headed to New York next week so I will definitely look for ghost bikes!

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