CT Photography

Each Friday our contributors will present a selection of up to three images illustrating a favourite city, monument, or setting. Follow the links below to view previous Friday Photos.

~ London May Day
~ New Orleans
~ Nap Time, Greece
~ New York City Ghost Bike
~ Angkor Thom, Cambodia
~ Chrysler Building, New York City
~ Memorial Corona, Athens, Greece
~ Swimming Prohibited
~ Batman Woz Here
~ Columbus Park, New York City
~ Storage Containers
~ Moreton Bay Fig
~ The Longing
~ Remembering September 11, 2001
~ Cheeky Monkey
~ Mallee Sunset
~ My Island Home, Ikaria, Greece
~ America For Sale
~ Private Property Tree
~ London Gargoyle
~ Cypress Hills National Cemetery
~ Autumn Creepers, London
~ Acropolis, Athens
~ 5Pointz, Queens
~ Giant Kouroi of Samos
~ Tradesmen’s Entrance
~ Weightless in Space

If you think you have three photographs worthy of being featured here, feel free to contact us via the Comments box below.