Friday Photo #2: Autumn Creepers, London

Note: Click on image to view full sized.

Taken just a few days before I left London before my return to Australia in late September 2008. I was attracted by the autumnal colours of this wall creeper in St. Bride’s Passage, near St. Paul’s Cathedral.
I am repeatedly attracted to examples of how nature adapts to urban environments and often survives and thrives in the most unlikely places. City workers hurry past views like this and barely give them a second thought – assuming they notice them at all. But for me, it is precisely these splashes of colour (representing nature at its most delightful), that make city living bearable.
It is discoveries like this that make hours of walking busy city streets worth the effort. You never know where the surprises are, or what they might be. And yet they are everywhere, waiting to be discovered by the alert observer.
Location: St. Bride’s Passage, EC4, London, England.
Photograph: by Jim Lesses, September 30, 2008.
Note: Click on image to view full sized.
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About Jim Lesses

Jim Lesses is a semi-retired Australian musician, blogger and photographer trying to live up to his personal motto: Love The Life You Live, by travelling on extended journeys as often and for as long as he can. As a solo traveller, Jim has taken himself on two round the world trips since 2008, and is planning his next journey for 2012.
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