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While virtually every individual and couple can enjoy lots of advantages through a house swapping (home exchange) holiday, perhaps families stand to benefit most of all.

Think about it.

Firstly, there are the monetary savings to be gained: no accommodation costs; cooking “at home” instead of going out for meals; free use of car; free laundry, clothesline, dryer and DYI ironing.

No doubt there will also be other savings. For example, you can’t stay cooped up together in a hotel room for long. You’ll need to spend a good deal of time out and about for the sake of your mental health. And while you’re out, you’ll inevitably end up spending money on something.

Besides, there’s so much more room in a house and yard. Even a normal apartment will be a lot more spacious than a hotel room. So you won’t have to go out for your sanity — just to visit local attractions, go shopping and so forth.

Here’s something else to think about if you’ve got children. Why not arrange to house swap with another couple who have children of a similar age? Then you’ll each have the necessary items on hand when you get to your destination — whether it be a cot, a high chair, a stroller, a trike or bike. Plus toys and games, books, children’s videos, DVDs and the like. None of which (other than one or two special favourites) you will have to take with you. So you’ll be able to travel that much lighter.

Even if you’re travelling by car, and have a little more room to take things with you, you won’t need to cram every corner to get bulkier items in. You’ll be able to travel in a lot more comfort.

You may even find a backyard cubbyhouse and swing set at your destination. (Or maybe you’ll be on the lookout for things like this, before deciding on which house swap to choose.)

And what if it rains during your holiday? Staying in a normal house is a whole lot more pleasant for a family than being cooped up in a hotel room, or a cramped guesthouse, caravan or tent.

Having constant access to a laundry and iron will also help you travel lighter, since you can pack less clothes when you’re able do the washing more often. Especially kiddie clothes, which tend to need changing more than once each day!

Let’s return for a moment to the monetary savings you make through house swapping, which are likely to amount to at least hundreds and possibly a couple of thousand dollars. Instead of rationing visits to fun parks, aquariums, “sea worlds” and the like, you’ll be able to afford to take the kids to explore as many of these attractions as you like. And STILL come home with a lot more of your hard-earned cash, rather than an empty wallet or purse, and a credit card that will take months to pay off.

When you add it all up, house swapping (home exchanging) really is tailor-made for families!

How much does it cost?
Aussie House Swap membership is only $65 per year! However, if you do not manage to house swap in your first year we will give you another 12 months membership absolutely free! This is our guarantee to you! For $65 (less than the cost of one nights motel accommodation) you can make as many house swaps as you like within your 12 months.

Article courtesy of Aussie House Swap website. Like our Partner site, Home Away, Aussie House Swap gives you the opportunity to stay in someone else’s home, while they stay in yours.

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