Whale and Dolphin Spotting on Tenerife

Resorts on Tenerife, SpainThose taking a holiday on the island of Tenerife are presented with an excellent opportunity to witness some rare sights. The island sits in the Atlantic Ocean which is home to an eclectic array of marine life. This has made boat trips and catamaran rides incredibly popular.

Yet, whilst there is no guarantee that you’ll see popular mammals like dolphins and whales, heading to certain parts can certainly improve your chances.

Los Gigantes
For dolphin lovers, taking a boat trip off the coast of Los Gigantes is a must. It is thought that, around these waters, is the most common area to spot them. Whilst they are naturally drifters and can be found almost anywhere, the degree of regularity with which they are seen around these parts suggests it is a great place to go.

Playa de las Americas
Pilot whales are perhaps the most commonly spotted whales off the coast of Tenerife. Playa de las Americas is an area that is rich in boat trip options. This is because pilot whales are often seen around this area.

The joy of these particular whales is that they tend to drift relatively coast to shore lines, so trips don’t have to venture out too far. The calmer waters around Playa de las Americas are also home to Spotted, Common and Bottlenose Dolphins.

La Gomera
The stretch of the Atlantic between Tenerife and the small island of La Gomera is a popular breeding ground for pilot whales again but also giant sperm, minke, white and blue whales. For this reason many families decide to take their boat trips in this stretch of water.

Puerto Colon
Finally, Puerto Colon boasts another eclectic offering of marine life, although dolphins are most commonly seen here. There are plenty of places to find boat trips with the majority of them family orientated so that children can enjoy seeing such rare sights.

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